We are savvy people

Savvy was founded by experienced consultants from the software industry in an attempt at creating a company that empowers its employees.

Savvy & guilty

Together with our friends and fellows in Guilty, we’ve gathered a heavy and experienced group of people. We like to call us a big savvy family, guilty of great talents.

Whats's important to us;


CEO / Consultant

Håkon Gimnes Kaurel

Håkon is a full stack developer with a broad set of skills. He is comfortable working on just about any platform and has multiple years of experience working with both Java and .NET. Above all else Håkon considers himself a pragmatic software developer who will work hard to make sure that his work generates value for his clients.


Joachim Carlsen

Joachim is a developer with multiple years of experiece working with well known brands such as Vipps, TV2 and Altibox. During his career Joachim has worked with multiple technologies and has built solid competence on the Java platform and as an iOS developer.


Erlend Rekve

Erlend is a full stack developer with a master’s degree in computer science. He has several years of experience working with complex systems primarily on the .NET platform. He is known by his colleagues for being a thorough and innovative developer.


Abdullah Shaheen

Abdullah is a developer with experience from working with large and complex systems. He has experience from working on the .NET platform as well as several different frontend technologies.


Håkon Trandal

Håkon is a full stack developer with 8 years of .NET experience. He has worked on everything from small websites to computer games and large enterprise systems. Håkon works well in teams and is well respected for his ability to explain concepts.